Wednesday 5 December 2012

Day One | Day Two

8:30 Registration, Welcome coffee & networking

9:00 Opening remarks from the Chair
Mary Markovinovic, Chief, Public Affairs/Adjunct Professor, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

Fostering new opportunities using social media technology within the ADF

Brigadier Alison Creagh, CSC, Director General Strategic Communication, Department of Defence


9:45 Military culture and social media - what kinds of interaction and why?

  • This paper will cover a framework which explains two way interaction and behaviour
  • The factor of leadership as a moderating variable

Dr Nicholas Jans, OAM, Visiting Fellow, Centre for Defence Leadership & Ethics, Australian Defence College

Embracing social media as a tool for enhancing the RAF's reputation

  • Dividing social media between the public face and a members only option
  • Allowing civil society to interact with the RAF
  • What to monitor and how to monitor it?

Wayne Palmer, Squadron Leader, SO2 Digital Communications, Media & Comms, RAF

10:55 Morning tea


Using social media in a crisis

  • Benefits of using social media before & during a crisis
  • Integrating social media into your emergency operating center
  • Providing/receiving real time updates during a crisis
  • Using social media to quash rumors
  • Questions to ask when developing your social media policies

Mary Markovinovic, Chief, Public Affairs/Adjunct Professor, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies

11:55 Effectively managing and securing an organisation's social media site or sites
Geoff Rhodes, Managing Director of WebSafe Security, Senior Consultant, Saltbush Group

12:30 Lunch


1:30 The use of social media in an enterprise context

  • Getting on the bandwagon - what is social for the enterprise and how it is being used to support cultural change and drive greater productivity and efficiency in times of fiscal constraint
  • How it is being used by Defence and Intelligence organisations around the world to support ad hoc work
  • Bringing people, data, content, and systems together across boundaries in real-time to make more timely and effective critical business decisions

Brent Lello, Asia Pacific Business Unit Executive, IBM Australia

2:05 Social media to drive cultural change... Securely...

  • Personalise your experience using Social Media
  • How you can create "watercooler" conversations virtually
  • Drive engagement and a sense of community anywhere
  • Allowing it to assist with removing the tyranny of distance

Geoffrey Squires, Principal Consultant and Director Organisational Change, Jacobs Australia

2:40 Afternoon tea

3:10 Engaging with industry in support of Defence communications objectives

  • Partnering with industry to harness the potential of digital platforms
  • Who's following who and why it actually matters
  • Case studies in promoting Defence programs

Sarah Valentine, Director Corporate Affairs and Communications, Raytheon Australia

3:45 Social media in a unique temporary setting - IBM Intelligent Operations Centre

  • The IOC as a military tool
  • Utilising social media technology to enhance military services

David Robinson, Solution Architect, Defence Operations and Smarter Cities, IBM Australia

4:20 Closing remarks from the Chair

4:25 Networking drinks

Thursday 6 December 2012

Day One | Day Two

8:30 Morning coffee & networking

9:00 Opening remarks from the Chair
Robert Holiday, Sales Director, Sitecore Australia and New Zealand
Robert Avell, ACT Sales Manager, Sitecore Australia and New Zealand

Navigating the social network - the uSAF guide to effective social network media use

The world of communication has evolved rapidly, and if an organisation doesnt have a social media presence, its credibility might be damaged. Social media has the power to build and maintain relationships. Stakeholders expect to connect with government organizations, and learning how to use digital tools properly will mean the difference between your message being buried or being shared by your followers.

The United States Air Force has employed social media for the past few years to garner support for its Airmen and mission. Telling the story of its Airmen helps build credibility while enhancing mutual understanding with stakeholders.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What works and doesn't work for Air Force social media
  • Communicating social media processes to Air Force public affairs professionals
  • The future of social media

Tanya Schusler, Chief, Social Media, Air Force Public Affairs Agency, USAF


9:40 Governance - who is talking may be more important than how many are talking
Steve Hallam, Digital Lead Partner, Deloitte

10:15 The Defence Alumni network - a resource for ex-serving and currently serving military personnel

  • Expanding beyond a typical social network
  • Developing platforms to increase recruitment potential, efficiency and communication channels
  • What are the benefits of keeping some social networks in-house?
  • Lessons learnt

Captain Harry Lok, Project Manager, The Defence Alumni Network

10:50 Morning tea

11:15 Build Your Own Social Community

  • Digital engagement is no longer solely the domain of websites
  • Social Networking capability is redefining how we work and engage with our teams
  • Web Content Management Systems are the connective tissue
  • Build you own "Walled Garden" - a protected Social Network for your stakeholders
  • Discover how Sitecore delivers some of the largest bespoke Social Networks on the planet

Greg Baxter, Director, Business Optimisation, Sitecore Australia and New Zealand

11:50 Social media in the military

  • Use of social media by militaries and non-state actors
  • Case study: Israel and Hamas
  • Militarisation of social media, civilianisation of military using social media
  • What Defence and ADF can learn from global experiences

Natalie Sambhi, Analyst, ASPI, Editor, The Strategist, Co-editor, Security Scholar

12:25 Lunch


1:30 Social media - the good, the bad and the ugly

  • Origins of social media in the primordial Internet
  • Hearts, minds, loyalty, information and forgiveness on tap
  • The data that's no longer yours
  • Early warning system or gossip mill?
  • Social goes both ways

Marco Ostini, Senior Information Security Analyst, AusCERT

2:05 Mitigating employee risk

  • Overview of social media's Big 4'
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Privacy settings - how private is your private' network?
  • Case studies - how it can all go wrong
  • Applying common sense online - tips, tricks and things to avoid

Adam Nicholson, Head of Digital Strategy, Rowland

2:40 How to use social media to create genuine employee engagement

  • Setting the framework - ensuring common understanding
  • Enabling v protecting - a balanced mutual contract
  • Engaged and empowered - a view to the future

Malcolm Alder, Partner, Digital Economy, KPMG

3:15 Closing remarks from the Chair and afternoon tea

3:45 End of conference

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