ADM Space Summit

30 April 2019 | Hyatt Hotel, Canberra







Tuesday 30 April 2019

8:15 Registration and Morning Coffee

9:00 OPENING | Opening remarks from the ADM Editor and Chair

Katherine Ziesing, ADM Managing Editor


9:10 KEYNOTE | Outlining the Role of the Australian Space Agency in Growing a Commercial Space Sector

  •  Hear from the Australian Space Agency on it’s role in developing a domestic space sector and coordinating international space relationships
  •  Generating a thriving space industry able to contribute to the wider economy
  •  Highlighting how current regulations and legislations impact the industry
  •  What is the potential for the overall industry – How economically powerful, domestically important and internationally respected can it be?

Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency

9:40 The Defence Force’s Involvement in Space

  •  How is the Defence Force supporting the development of space technologies?
  •  Space as a military frontier
  •  How will Space shape the future of the Defence Force?

Luke Brown, Assistant Secretary – Space and Communication Branch, Department of Defence

10:10 Australia’s Space Future and Australia’s Position in Global Space Expansion

  •  Developing and building a globally competitive, domestic space sector
  •  The value of space to the economy and national security
  •  What is the potential for Australia’s space capability?

Dr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst, ASPI

10:40 Morning Tea and Networking Break


11:10 Industry and Government Collaboration: Airbus’ Role in Increasing Australia Space Sector Capability

  • Developing technology and improving local skill sets to support the sector
  • Strengthening partnerships between Industry and Government
  • Incorporating local SME’s into projects
  • Transforming space industry

Valentin Merino, Head of Defence and Space Australasia, Airbus

11:40 Boeing’s Commitment to Research and Development in the Australian Space Sector

  • A- Current collaboration and programs
  • How does Australia’s technology, innovation and workforce skills compare to the world?
  • What and where can Boeing contribute?

Michael De La Chapelle, Senior Technical Fellow, Boeing Defence Space & Security


12:10 Gilmour Space Technologies; Current Commercial Space Objectives

  •  What does the future hold for commercial space activities?
  •  Ongoing and future projects of Gilmour Space Technologies
  •  How far can Australia’s domestic launch capability support space operations?

Adam Gilmour, Director, Gilmour Space Technologies

12:40 Lunch

13:40 Australian Benefits Flowing from Asia-Pacific’s First Commercial Spaceport

  • The value of the Arnhem Space Centre’s (ASC) venture to the Australian Space Ecosystem and the broader community
  • The ASC launch capability – vehicles, orbits and customers
  • Industry engagement with the ASC
  • Australia’s Space Industry in 2030 – a pragmatic conversation

Scott Wallis, Founder & Chief of Space, Equatorial Launch Australia


14:10 Supporting Space Industry Growth in South Australia

  • Highlighting the potential of the sector in South Australia and to South Australians
  • What does South Australia offer to the sector?

Nicola Sasanelli, Director – South Australian Space Industry Centre, Defence SA

14:40 Disruptive use of space against Australia’s security interests

  • Non-state groups potential terrorist use of space and the impact that is could potentially have Australian space security

Revd. Dr. Nikki Coleman, UNSW Canberra

15:10 Afternoon Tea

15:40 Queensland role in the development of an Australian Space Industry

  • Developing, designing and manufacturing technologies within the state
  • Creating jobs and supporting Queensland’s economy
  • Supporting space industry

Air Vice-Marshal Neil Hart (Ret’d), Chair, Queensland Space Industry Reference Group & Strategic Defence Advisor for Aerospace, Queensland Government

16:10 Researching, Developing and Utilising Space Technologies

  • Improving Australian technology and space capability
  • Becoming a world leading space hub
  • Collaboration with space industry

Senior Representative, Defence Science and Technology Group, Department of Defence

16:40 PANEL | Joining the Space Race: How can SMEs Benefit from a Commercial Space Sector?

  • Including SMEs in the development of Australia’s Space Industry?
  • What can SMEs offer the expansion of Australia’s Space Sector?
  • Developing collaboration throughout the industry

Prof Craig Smith, CEO, EOS Space Systems
James Prior, Managing Director, Skykraft

17:25 Closing Remarks from the Chair

Katherine Ziesing, ADM Managing Editor

17:30 Networking Drinks